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What Can Employers Do?

Motivation is a perishable commodity, and when motivation is high, we need quick help. Those who come to us often have an urgent need for help, but there is a risk that if help is delayed, motivation will decrease, and the addiction will regain its grip. Therefore, it is important to have frameworks in place to know how to handle the situation when someone needs it most.

How Can Spelfriheten Help Your Company?

Through methods for prevention, detection, and assistance for gambling addiction, we offer tailored solutions based on your specific needs.

Lectures and Training

We can organize customized training sessions related to your organization. We can also conduct individual lectures on-site. Thanks to our network of gamblers, relatives, and therapists, we always provide both a personal and a professional perspective on the problem.

Framework Agreements for Treatments

We offer digital treatment for both players and relatives within 5 working days of registration. The treatments are designed so that individuals can continue to live and work while embarking on their journey towards a gambling-free life. As a company, you can also create preventive agreements to be prepared if you need help.

Material and Policies

We can also help develop both physical and digital materials on gambling addiction that suit your business. We also have experience in developing policies on gambling for companies and sports organizations.

Examples of Collaborations


Collaboration agreement with the Swedish Elite Football and Unibet to address and combat gambling issues.

Based on the results of the research report conducted by the Karolinska Institute (KI) on behalf of the Swedish Elite Football (SEF), SEF and Unibet have chosen to initiate an extensive collaboration with Spelfriheten.

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Why Spelfriheten?

Finn Stenwall

Gambling addiction is not a money problem. It is a progressive lifelong disease that needs to be taken very seriously, where the solution must match the nature and extent of the problem to lead to a life free of gambling.

Adam Kirstein Reuterswärd

Most people do not seek help for their gambling addiction. Instead, they seek help for the consequences of gambling: depression, anxiety, sleep problems, or financial difficulties. Therefore, it is important to ask the right questions from the start, and to learn to recognize deviant behaviors in good time.

See What Other Organizations Have to Say About Spelfriheten

Below is a selection of customer quotes from completed assignments.

The educational lectures we have had and will continue to have with Spelfriheten are always greatly appreciated by our employee groups. Hearing personal stories gives us many valuable insights that we can take with us in our daily work.

Robin Samuelsson, Customer Sustainability, Manager Kindred Group

Thank you Spelfriheten and Adam. An impactful conversation that gave us further insights into the ongoing work with our most important sustainability issue, our responsibility for gambling. And as was conveyed so clearly in the lecture, we need to collaborate to make a difference!

Patrik Brissman, Chief Corporate Communication Officer, ATG

A very impactful and inspiring lecture that truly gave me and my colleagues many valuable insights.

Maria Trenser, Responsible Gaming Manager, Casino Cosmopol

First Step Towards a Healthier Workplace

With Spelfriheten's corporate solution, you can quickly offer support to all employees struggling with a gambling addiction.

Our tailored service meets the various needs of employees and offers a confidential and supportive environment to promote recovery. When you invest in your employees' well-being, you also increase productivity in the workplace. Fill out the form to learn more about how we can help support your employees.

Call us at +468-660 10 45 if you want to learn more.

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Do You Want to Know More About How We Can Help Your Company?

Do You Want to Know More About How We Can Help Your Company?

If you are interested in how we can help you and your company or have questions about how it could be done, please feel free to contact us.

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Help and Information

Many gambling addicts play every day. Many relatives struggle around the clock. Therefore, it is important to know that there are more open self-help meetings beyond those we offer at Spelfriheten. So that those in need can attend self-help meetings as often as necessary. Many support groups provide both physical and digital self-help meetings aimed at both players and relatives.