Find your way to a gambling-free life

Have you started thinking about your gambling habits? Has it reached a point where it negatively affects your life, your everyday life, and your loved ones? You are not alone.


Spelfrihetens Helpline - Open 24/7, all days of the year

All those who answer calls are themselves recovering gambling addicts living a gamble-free life.

Free Self-Help Meetings via Zoom

For both players and relatives, every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Chat with a recovering gambler

Take the first step and ask your questions anonymously to a recovering gambler.

Are you unsure if you or someone close to you is addicted to gambling?

Detecting gambling addiction and co-dependency can be challenging. Both for oneself and for others. That's why we've developed two simple tests to help you on your way.

Are you addicted to gambling?

Test your gambling habits and see if you are at risk - with 9 simple questions and get feedback instantly.

Are you co-dependent?

Test if you have changed as a result of a loved one's gambling - with 9 simple questions and get feedback instantly.


Spelfriheten: The obvious choice for treatment.

Gambling addiction is a complex disease. And besides the player, many others are affected. That's why we have developed different treatment plans, adapted to different problems. All treatments are created by experienced addiction therapists in collaboration with gambling addicts and relatives, for the best possible effect.

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Treatment for players and relatives

All our treatments have been created by people with personal experiences of addiction. With insight and understanding of the problem, it contributes something extra to each client's unique journey towards recovery.

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Download our app!

As an extra tool towards a gambling-free life, we have developed an app that is free to download. Here, players can keep track of their gambling-free days, follow their progress, and get many good tips that facilitate the journey towards a gambling-free life. Available for both Android and iOS.

Spelfrihetens app
You are not alone ❤️ Together we make the impossible possible 🙏
Finally 1 year without gambling! 🥳
One day at a time, let's turn this around now 💪

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